Club Centennial Project Proposed

As the Rotary Club of Youngstown turns 100 years old this year, many activities are being planned to celebrate this anniversary, one of which is the section of a service project that will make a difference in our community and commemorate our 100 years.
Ron Faniro and the Centennial Committee have come up with a proposed project that they feel fits the bill very nicely:  the renovation of the pavilion at Wick Park in Youngstown. The Pavilion has seen some wear and tear over the years, and the Rotary Club’s engagement can extend the use of this building to the City’s Park Department.
Ron and John Slanina gave members an overview of the project at our meeting on November 12. Some of the highlights included:

  • The Pavilion is the most-used building in the city’s park system, reserved several times a week.
  • The Committee shared how they did their due diligence to determine this project, compared to other considered projects
  • The Committee presented their overview of cost estimates to refurbish this existing structure
  • This will be a four to five year project because of the costs involved
  • Youngstown Rotary will not be the only financial supporter, but will be leading a community campaign to complete the project
  • The site can also be a location for ongoing plantings by the Rotary Club or other groups
Opinions were shared on the feasibility and budget, longer-term commitments, and project timelines.
Because our Club has such a great collection of strategic thinkers, campaign experience, and enthusiastic members, a collection of Rotarians will be meeting to discuss the next phase of turning this vision into reality.
If you would like to be a part of this effort on the Wick Park Pavilion Renovation, please email Ron Faniro at
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