In 1921, members of the Rotary Club of Youngstown joined with Rotarians from Toledo, Cleveland and Elyria to form the Ohio Rotary Society for Crippled Children to promote legislation for the Ohio Plan for the Care of Crippled Children.  Youngstown Rotarians organized and participated in “Rotary Review Shows” to raise funds  From 1922 to 1925, these shows drew audiences totaling 19,500, and raised $29,000.
These funds went to the Youngstown Rotary Society for Crippled Children (comprising every member of the Rotary Club) – organized in February 1925 – and the purchase of a three-story frame building at 420 Werner Street, and also a two-story frame building (next door) at 414 Werner Street for the purpose of providing a convalescent home for Crippled Children.  Four more review shows were presented between 1934 and 1939, that combined raised more than $15,000 to fund improvements and equipment for the homes.
Since 1921, the Rotary Club through its Crippled Children Committee has been active in assisting all the agencies, both public and private, in the services for crippled children.  Each year the Rotary Club organized holiday parties, summer picnics, visits to the Canfield Fair, and other field trips.
Youngstown Rotarians, with the cooperation of several state departments, created a Pre-School Parent Educational Project for Cerebral Palsy Children, sponsored, financed and operated by the Youngstown Rotary Society.  Much of this share of the work was turned over to the Mahoning County Society for Crippled Children.  The Mahoning County Society for Crippled Children had no connection with Rotary although it was formed predominantly through the work of several Rotarians due to the advent of Easter Seals in this area in 1948.